“Great job, Krishna! Hope we will get outstanding researchers for furthering the areas mentioned. Many thanks.” ~Professsor Srinivasan, Dean of Yoga Sciences,  (India)

“It was indeed a great day for me to be with you and learn about your innovations in the field of energy medicine at Vijay foundation. I would look forward to work under your guidance in the area of energy medicine.”
~ Naveen (India)

“Nonetheless, continue to marvel at the energy and the significant impact you make as you explore the riches of this planet and be not just an ambassador for GDV,  Biowell, for Essential Oils, Water, Energy medicine, etc. BUT for the future of humanity.” – Terrance Bugno, MD; FACR

“Krishna Madappa is a modern day alchemist, sage and scientist. He is skillful in the healing arts and spiritual sciences. He embodies health and wisdom. Time with Krishna is illuminating and joyful.”  ~ James O’Dea, former President, Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of bestseller Cultivating Peace. (www.jamesodea.com)

“I have had the privilege to know Krishna Madappa as a colleague over the past few decades.  We share a common interest with Electrophotonic Imaging, a landmark invention by the Russian physicist, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. Krishna possesses the rare qualities of a brilliant scientist and an individual who embraces spirituality with full authenticity. This combination of talents has led him along the path of continual discovery of the scientific basis of awareness and consciousness in order to serve humanity. It is an honor to have him as a colleague and friend.” – Len Wisneski, MD, FACP (www.linkedin.com/in/leonard-wisneski-9924a47)

“I am inspired, revived, and sustained by the results of my first session with Krishna Madappa and the GDV technologies.  During our work Krishna demonstrated not only an extensive scientific expertise, but also a deep realization of ancient Vedic wisdom and healing practices. Krishna Madappa is a vital exemplar of the human of the future, in whom the integration of science and spirituality has found an unobstructed expression. This is the work that should be a part of every educational curriculum and every medical model in the world, for it taps into and utilizes both the cosmic laws of science and the infinite power of divine consciousness”.  ~ Elana Joan Cara, Santa Fe, NM – Teacher, Musician, Author, The Light of the Christ Within

“Working with Krishna Madappa has completely changed my life! I met him two years after healing from an autoimmune condition. I had been asking the universe to help me heal the emotional patterns that caused my illness in the first place. On my first visit with him he was able to get straight to the heart of the matter! During our work with the GDV he was able to show me exactly where I was leaking energy. Even more remarkable he was able to intuitively guide me though specific exercises to help me center my energy and begin the process of emotional healing. I could have never anticipated the shifts in consciousness that have come to me since our first meeting – and continue to come. Every day I practice the exercises that he gave me and every day my heart and mind expand even more. Krishna is a spiritual scientist, intuitive healer, inspiring teacher, and dear friend. I am eternally grateful for the gift of his light presence in my life. Anyone who works with Krishna should expect a miracle!” ~ Michelle Corey, Taos NM – Medical Advocate, Speaker, Author – The Thyroid Cure – “How to Reverse your Autoimmune Condition with the Functional Mind Body Approach”

“Thanks Krishna for an enlightening, inspiring and very amazing Skype session. It really was a good start to our education process…” ~ 
Ajay (London)

“Om!!! my dear brother Krishna Jl. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the science of light…All of the participants who attended the WellNest open house will never be the same after the in depth awareness shown and proven that we are all the light of (Papa Makasha)”~ Makasha Roske (USA)

“Thank you dear Krishna for this beautiful demonstration of the power of love within us & the impact our love has on one another! We are so grateful for your deep care & commitment to this science & spirit of bio-electrography with the epi/gdv. Hummingbird WellNest joyfully looks forward to working with you in this amazing blending of science & spirituality!” ~ Om ~ Michelle (USA)

“Excellent!! That is education for awakening!!!” ~ Alberto (Argentina)


“From my heart I thank you for your spiritual gifts.  All who know you are blessed.” ~ Shanti (USA)