Vijay in Sanskrit means success and this is an interesting story of the success of an industrial enterprise being transformed into an effective human service organization.

Of a remarkable transformation of a business enterprise bringing electric light to bringing out “inner light” in people.

Of the branching of VWF Industries (P) Ltd into Vijay Foundation. 

Vijay Foundation owes its existence to the philanthropic instincts of the family behind the VWF Industries in Mysore. Inspired by the success of their corporate enterprise in bringing health & wealth to their employees, they conceived of a social enterprise to bring health & happiness to the public at large. Thus Vijay Foundation, a registered nonprofit organization, was born in 1994, with the mission of – “Bringing Light to Life and Life to Light.” 

Today, as a part of its “Light to Life” mission Vijay Foundation has a twin pronged approach – rural development activity in about twenty two villages around Mysore and wellness programs for urban corporates. Under its “Life to Light” mission, Vijay Foundation organizes seminars & training programs by eminent experts on various social development & wellness topics.

With a clear vision, zeal, passion and commitment, Vijay Foundation today is intent on making a positive impact on people’s lives irrespective of their societal or economic standing.

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