• Consciousness Studies

– Study of holotropic states of consciousness

– Assessment of person’s reaction on different energetic practices and meditation
• Agriculture

– Assessment of diverse influences on agricultural substances

– Differentiation of organic to non-organic fruits and vegetables
• Medicine

– Express-assessment of psycho-emotional and physiological states of a human body

– Express-assessment of stress level

– Express-assessment of overall wellness

– Express-assessment of energy state of organs and systems in human body

– Revealing of real reasons and sources of illness

– Pre-nosological diagnosis of different diseases

– Monitoring of recovery process after the surgical operation

– Assessment of person’s reaction on different influences and physical loads

– Assessment of person’s reaction on the applied treatment (energy therapy, SPA, massage, color therapy, acupuncture, meditation, relaxation, extrasensory influences, etc.)
• Sports

– Chakra diagnostics

– Assessment of person’s attitude to the ongoing events – based on chakras

• Space measurements

– Monitoring of audience reaction during various events and performances

– Registration of geo-active zones

– Monitoring of reaction of space to different geo-physical events
• Psychology

– Express-assessment of stress level

– Study of emotional imbalances

– Finding the reasons of imbalances on conscious and unconscious levels

– Revealing health conditions on unconscious level

– Assessment of psychological treatments influence on the person
• Materials

– Assessment of diverse influences on liquid and solid materials

– Differentiation of natural substances and their artificial substitutions

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